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About the Society

     The Curtis/s Family Society was originally founded in 1939 as the National Society, Descendants of John and Elizabeth Hutchins Curtiss. The organization was renamed The John and Elizabeth Curtis/Curtiss Society in 1989, became a single surname group called The Curtis/Curtiss Society in 1998 and was renamed The Curtis/s Family Society in 2004. The Society is actively researching all the Curtis, Curtiss, Curtice lines. The Society maintains a database of information on all Curtis immigrant families, maintains a Curtis/s DNA project, publishes a quarterly newsletter, holds an annual reunion, provides copies of published and unpublished genealogies of many Curtis families, and is represented through this Curtis/s Family Website and a Facebook Curtis Genealogy group page.

     Many Curtis – Curtiss – Curtice families have rich histories in many areas of the United States and Canada. Quite a few were original settlers of the Massachusetts and Virginia Colonies and the Curtis Family Society has an extensive genealogical database on the descendants of many of these immigrants. 

Who were John & Elizabeth Curtiss of Stratford, CT?

 John Curtis and Elizabeth Hutchins were married 19 April 1610 in the All Saints' Parish Church in Nazeing, Essex County, England and the baptisms of all their children are recorded there. The couple, with their sons Thomas and William, immigrated to the New World between September 1638 and June 1639. (Son John had emigrated in 1635.) The family lived first in Roxbury, Mass. and then in Wethersfield, Conn. where John is believed to have died. In 1639, the remaining family departed for , and were one of the founding families of Stratford, Conn. Elizabeth who did not remarry and was known for the remainder of her life as the "Widow Curtiss (she was the first to use the final "ss"), became an early proprietor of Stratford. (Note: Thomas Curtiss and wife Elizabeth Salmon of Wethersfield, CT are a separate Curtiss family and note related to the Curtiss family of Stratford, CT.)


 Membership is by calendar year (Jan-Dec) and is open to all interested in supporting the objectives of the Society. There is no lineage requirement.  Most known English emigrant lines are represented. Just fill out our Membership Application and send it and your check to:


Cheryl Behrend, Membership Secretary
17924 S.E. 89th Rothway Court
The Villages, FL 32162-4840

Society Objectives

  • To perpetuate the memory and spirit of the original founders of the Society, the descendants of John & Elizabeth (Hutchins) Curtiss of Stratford, CT; and to continue the established relationship with the All Saints’ Parish Church in Nazeing, Essex County, England.
  • To encourage and be receptive to membership by all persons of any Curtis/s family line and extend this to include all spellings of the name; and to likewise accept for membership those persons working towards proof of their lines.
  • To maintain, continuously update, and make available to members, a genealogical database of all family lines; and to provide an advisory genealogical service to assist present and future members in their research endeavors.
  • To provide and promote an avenue for members and non-members to pursue a scientific approach to proof of lineage with DNA testing.
  • To continue the investment of funds and efforts towards historical and educational endeavors in Stratford, as the “Mother Town” of the Society; and to foster the preservation of documents, relics, records, and sites pertaining to all family lines of the Society.
  • To encourage communication, fellowship and the sharing of information amongst all members of the Society through the newsletter, website, correspondence and meetings.
  • To maintain and carry forward an historical record of all members of the Society, making note of members’ significant contributions to communities, states and the nation.
  • To promote and develop a sound management base and leadership to ensure the survival and growth of the Society.


 The Society publishes a quarterly newsletter-journal, the "Curtis/s Chronicle". A typical issue will contain several Curtis-related articles about the past and present, as well as queries, which are printed free, as space allows, member queries take precedence. Individual issues (paper copy) of past Chronicles can be ordered (see the Publications List) and a CD of 35 years of the Chronicle (1976-2015) is available for $30.  

Curtis/s DNA Project

   The Curtis/Curtiss Family Society has a Curtis/Curtis DNA Group Administrator, Al Field, who coordinates with Family Tree DNA and manages the database located there. If after viewing the information on the familytreedna.com website you want any further information about what is envisioned for the database, contact Al. We are working to have all major Curtis family lines eventually in the Curtis/Curtiss Data Base to assist future researchers locate their Curtis/Curtiss family roots. Male Curtis family members may order there sample kit directly and get the low group rates cited below at the following link and code: http://www.familytreedna.com/surname_join.asp?code=E32975. Additional information on the Curtis/s DNA Project and DNA results can be found at: http://www.familytreedna.com/public/Curtis%20DNA%20Data%20Base/default.aspx.                           Contact Al Field at [email protected].


   The Curtis/Curtiss Family Society collectedCurtis obituaries of all Curtis spelling variations. Those that can associated with Curtis/s immigrant ancestors are annotated with the generational ancestry.  They are published in the society Chronicle newsletter as 'Paperclips'.  Curtis/s obituaries can be viewed on our public website page. 




Replica of the Godspeed



(Note: We will be adding short, early family descriptions for each family over the coming year. We invite descendants of these families to participate by sending the history via "CONTACT US' )



John & Thomas Curtis

(England to York County, Virginia)

These two brothers arrived in the Virginia Colony at Elizabeth City from England on the ship Flying Harte in 1621. John returned to England in about 1625. Thomas stayed in the colony and married Averilla (last name unknown). The name Averilla was prominent in the Curtis family for several generations, and is considered a way to distinguish this Thomas Curtis from many others. 


William Curtis & Sarah Eliot

(Nazeing, Essex, England to Roxbury, Massachusetts)

William Curtis (baptized Nov 12, 1592 in Nazeing, Essex, England), the son of Thomas Curtis (bapt. Aug 25, 1560 in Nazeing, Essex, England) and Mary Camp. William married first Mary Rawlyns on Dec 3, 1615 in London, England (The Great Migration Begins, by Robert Charles Anderson) and had one son William2 Curtis. William2 came to America a year before his father. "He was a hopeful scholar, but God took him in the end of the year 1634" (Roxbury, Mass. church records).  This William2 was the nephew of John Curtis of Stratford, CT

William1 married second Sarah Eliot, the sister of the "Rev. John Eliot" aka "Apostle to the Indians" on Aug 6, 1618 in Nazeing, England. On June 22, 1632 William with his wife, Sarah and four children (Thomas, Mary, John & Phillip) sailed from London on the ship "Lyon" and arrived at Boston, Massachusetts on Sunday, September 16, 1632. He died on Dec 8, 1672, age 80, and his widow Sarah died March 1673, age 73.


Henry Curtis

(England to Watertown & Sudbury, Massachusetts)


Zaccheus Curtis

(Downton, Wiltshire, England to Topsfield, Massachusetts)

Zaccheus Curtis came on the ship "James" from Southampton in 1635.



Thomas Curtis

(England to Wethersfield, Connecticut)



Mary Curtis & Thomas Ruggles

(Nazeing, Essex, England to Roxbury, Massachusetts)



Richard Curtis

(England to Dorchester, Massachusetts and Wallingford, Connecticut)



John Curtiss & Elizabeth Hutchins

(Nazeing, Essex, England to Roxbury, MA, Wethersfield & Stratford, CT)



Widow Richardene Curtis, Thomas Curtis*, Richard Curtis, Elizabeth Curtis*, William Curtis

(Ash, Kent, England to Scituate, Massachusetts and *York, Maine)

Siblings Thomas, Richard, Elizabeth,William and John where the children of Thomas Curtis and Richardene (last name unknown) of Kent County, England. They lived in Ewell, Worth and Ash where father Thomas died on December 11, 1631 and buried there at St. Nicholas. Richardene married Thomas Chambers in June 1632 and brought the family to Scituate, MA in 1638. Thomas Curtis and his sister Elizabeth, who married Richard Bankes, both died in the Candlemas Day Massacre of 1692 in York, Maine.  There are many descendants of Thomas, Richard and William but none of John who died never married.  Many descendants of this family inhabited Maine and Massachusetts.



Deodatus Curtis

(England to Braintree, Massachusetts)



Henry Curtis & Elizabeth Abell

(England to Windsor, Connecticut)



Richard Curtice

(England to Salem, Massachusetts and Southold, Long Island, New York)



Henry Curtis

(England to Marblehead, Massachusetts and Pemaquid/Boothbay, Maine)



William Curtis

(England to Salem, Massachusetts)



Francis Curtis

(England to Plymouth, Massachusetts)



Jonathan Curtis

(England to Burlington County, New Jersey)


John Curtis

(Appledore, Kent, England to Kent County, Delaware and Pennsylvania)


Thomas Curtis

(Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire, England to Burlington Co., New Jersey)

This family includes the better known son Rev. Thomas Curtis (1685-1749) of Hunterdon Co., NJ. and grandson Job Curtis (1717-1804).


John Curtis and Ann Revell

(Quakers from North Wingfield, Derbyshire, England to Burlington County, NJ)



John Curtis

(Shadwell, London, England to York, Maine)

Circa 1770

John Curtis

(England to New York)



Circa 1785

Francis Sylvester Curtis


(England to Charleston, SC)


Henry Curtis & Alice Braughton

(Melbourne, Leicestershire, England to Gilberville, Ostego County, New York) 


William Dawson Curtis

(Liverpool, Lancashire, England to New Brunswick, Canada)


Thomas Curtis

(Wisbeck, England to Maine and to South Carolina)

Founded Limestone College in South Carolina


Matthew Curtis

(Yorkshire, England to Illinois)


Joseph Curtis
Born England 1838, appears in Lexington, VA in 1860. Parents Thomas & Ann Curtis. Married Lucy Gibson 1861.
Settled in Bath County, VA by 1861. Confederate veteran. Descendants in Bath & Rockbridge counties Virginia,Huntington, WV and Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky. 


Moses Curtis

(Chislet, Kent, England to Michigan)


Patrick Curtis (1837-1902)

(Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland to New York City)

 c. 1855

John Curtis (1830-1913)

(Wrawby, Lincolnshire, England to Canada (c. 1855) to Michigan)

          Peter Curtis (1835-1916)
        (Tipperary Co, Ireland to Belvidere, Boone Co, IL)
Peter Curtis came to the U.S. in 1858 and married Catherine Maher (1843-1927) of Kilkenny, Ireland in 1864 in Trenton, New Jersey. They moved to Belvidere, IL about 1867 where Peter died in 1916 and Catherine in 1927. The children of one of two surviving sons, James Curtis, moved to Milwaukee, WI in about 1919.


Henry Harper Curtis (1830-1911)
            (London - Wales - Australia - Wales - Colorado)


Bernard Curtis (1865-1941)

(Ireland -England - Philadlephia, PA)

August Curtis (1868-1921)
Emigrated from Sweden to Naugatuk, New Haven Co, CT about 1896 with wife Hannah Pearson (1868-1911) and daughter Alma M. Curtis (1891-1979). Children born in CT were: Eric F. (1897-1984 CT), Alvin E. (1899-1968 IN) , Martha (b. 1902), Astrid (b. 1904), Harry (b. 1906), Cora (b. 1906). Alma, Alvin and Harry are found in St. Joseph Co., IN from 1920-1940.

      1906 & 1911     
Brothers Thomas Henry Curtis (b.c.1882) & George John Curtis (1892-1968)
(Crowan & Camborne, Cornwall, England to Wisconsin & California)


Florence Matilda Curtis

(East Wellow, Hampshire, England to New York)


Curtis/s lines for Whom the Immigrant Ancestor Have Yet To Be Identified  (*=DNA Link)

Alexander Curtis (b. 1791) CT/ME                          Joshua Curtis, Sr. (1740-1810) NC

Alfred Curtis (b. 1828) PA                                       Joshua Curtis* VA-NC

Allen Curtis (b. c 1793-1797) VT                             Levi Curtis (b. c. 1811) CT

Allen Curtis (1767-1829) MA                                   Lyman Curtis (b.1806 VT, d.1891 OH)

Ann Elizabeth Curtis (b. 1817, d. 1871)NY           Mason Robert Curtis b. 1836 NC, d. TX

Benjamin Curtis (b. 1793) NY                                  Naaman Curtis, Sr.* (b. 1778) SC VA NC

Benjamin Kingman Curtis* (b. 1828)NY               Nathan Curtis (b. 1764) Canada or CT

Bolling Curtis (VA) & Albert Curtis MO                 Orvil Curtis (1840) NY

Clement Curtis* (1760) NJ    (solved)                      Phineas Curtis (ca. 1790-ca. 1860) Maine

Daniel Curtis (b. ca. 1755) ME                                 Reuben Curtis* (b. 1786 CT, d. 1851 WI)

            David Curtis (ca. 1786-1868) MA                            Samuel Curtis (b. ca. 1760-70) MA

Daniel Curtis (to Canada from NE abt. 1824)        Samuel Curtis (ca. 1760-1825) MA

Edward Curtis* (1803-1864) TN                             Joseph Curtis (b. c1817) OH                                               

Fielding W. Curtis* 1757 VA                                   Russell Curtis* (1795-1869) NC-TN-MS

Henry Curtis MA                                                     (DNA shows Russell Curtis related to Fielding W. Curtis)

            Henry Curtis (ca. 1805-ca. 1870) ME                    Nathaniel Curtis (d. 1758) Queen Anne's Co., MD

                                                    (Nathaniel's son Samuel Curtis (1751-1846) moved to Anson Co, NC & onto Marengo Co, AL)

            James W. Curtis (m. 1794) SC                                Sarah Melissa Curtis(b. 1863, d. 1925 OH)

James Curtis (b. 1796) VT                                        Stephen Curtis (1774-1834) Clarenceville, Que., Canada

Joel Curtis (b. c1794-96) CT                                     Thomas Curtis & Eleanor Bryant (m. 1770 NC)

John Curtis (c1750) Philadelphia, PA                      William B. Curtis (ca. 1817-ca.1899) ME

John Curtis (b. ca 1790) MA                                      William Henry Curtis (1799-1870) VA

John Curtis (1823-1870) ME                                      James Curtis (ca. 1795-ca. 1835) MA

John M. Curtis (1845-1929) TN                                William Curtis (b. 1811, d. 1879) NY                                  

John Madison Curtis (1813) TN                                       William & Richard Curtis VA 
Jonathan Curtis (1758-1829) Concord, MA             William Curtis (b. 1840) DuBois Co. IN 
            Jonathan Curtis Frederick Co, VA                           Thomas Curtis (c.1730-1795) Orangeburg,SC