This site is dedicated to the genealogy of all persons
with or descended from the surnames of Curtiss, Curtis, Curtice, Curteis, Cortesse, Courtis and the 40 other spellings. It is also dedicated to the descendants of the Curtiss-Curtis-Curtice immigrant ancestors who came to the New World. Special mention is made of the Curtiss ancestors from Nazeing, Essex County, England and their descendants of Stratford, CT and Roxbury, MA who founded the origins of this Society in 1939.


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If you are new to this site, be sure to check out the ABOUT US tab for information on the Curtis/s Family Society.  We are a non-profit organization of volunteers and members, about 270 strong in the US, UK, Canada and Australia, who have a deep-seated love and respect for their ancestors. Learn about the Society’s history and organizational structure along with the services available to its members which includes:

  Quarterly issues of the Curtis/s Chronicle, the Society’s informative newsletter
   Direct access to our database on this website which contains over 194,800 persons.

   Access to information in the Society archives.
   Forum open to all on the 'Curtis Genealogy' group page on Facebook. Click on Facebook icon below to register.
   We hope you find items of interest on our website and invite you to join our society.  Membership is $20/year for a single membership, $25 for couples and LIFE memberships are available for $250. See the menu toolbar at the top of this page for the membership application.

If you have a general question about the Society, please submit it using the GENERAL QUESTION subject selection under CONTACT US.  If you would like ask us a question about a Curtis ancestor, please fill out the QUERY form under CONTACT US.

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